Hotmail to save Messenger chat conversation history?

windows_live_hotmailToday two of our LiveSino readers report that their recent Windows Live Messenger chat history is showing up within Hotmail, somewhat similar to Google Talk chat history inside Gmail.

As one tipster TurnRight commented, once Windows Live Messenger chat session is idled or closed, Hotmail will receive the chat conversation history email from another chat participant. Looks like there is only plain chat conversation text in email content, without any style or Messenger chat specific feature.

Apparently, this feature is not fully finished yet. At the moment, these small set of Hotmail users are not able to disable or cancel this feature.

Microsoft is holding an event for its “reinvented” Hotmail in just 5 days. We will have a chance to get a peek at what’s coming to Hotmail, and of course, we’re expecting to hear more about this Messenger chat history saving feature.