Hotmail “featured” in iOS5 Mail

Today is one of those days where it’s probably better to just go out and play.  Apple announced its new lineup of iOS updates and devices, and pretty much everything else has ground to a halt (including, for a time, Apple’s stock price, mostly since recovered).  Even though today’s event wasn’t big on earth-shattering news( as in, no iPhone 5), it’s still hogging the headlines, and so since there wasn’t much else to do we poked around a bit.

While it’s certainly buried in the marketing materials on Apple’s website, and has been available for iOS 5 beta users since the beta came out, one iOS5 feature that did catch our eye is the addition of another email provider for iPhone Mail:


After yesterday’s announcements about a new Hotmail app for Android, it looks like Hotmail will soon be broadening its mobile scope again when iOS 5 is made available as a free upgrade, beginning Oct 12th.  Of course not much was made of the fact in this morning’s keynote, and even though the logo is clearly pictured, the text accompanying it can’t quite seem to bring itself to mention Hotmail:

iPhone works with popular email providers including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and AOL — and most industry-standard IMAP and POP mail systems. And it supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts for business.

OK so it’s not big news in the scheme of things, but since new Apple CEO Tim Cook was criticized for not having a “one more thing” moment this morning, wouldn’t it have been fun if he’d said, “and oh yeah, we added Hotmail!”