Bing “Tiger” platform to bring faster and more relevant search results

While we’re embracing the new features added to Bing recently such as adaptive search, action buttons, or even the new HTML5 video homepage, a group of Microsoft engineers are working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make sure Bing operates as efficient and relevant as possible. Internally, this is called the “Tiger” project.

“Tiger” is described as the next generation index serving platform for Bing. With billions of search queries the decision engine has to process each day, the need for an efficient and low-cost indexing platform is vital. According to Search Engine Watch, “Tiger’s architecture will improve information retrieval efficiency and reduce the company’s costs.” Check out the video below from Microsoft Research briefly describing what “Tiger” is:


Search Engine Watch also said that the new “Tiger” architecture is enhanced in efficiency by using Solid State Disk (SSD) technology, which improves Bing’s processes for checking its index against search queries. In addition, besides improving efficiency, the “Tiger” architecture also enables new ways for Bing to significantly improve the relevance of the results seen by users.

The rollout of “Tiger” began in August this year, and is expected to complete by the end of this year.