LG releases first Windows “Fashion Phone” – Jil Sander E906

We’ve seen quite a few new Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” devices being announced over the past couple of months, from new comers like Fujitsu, Acer and ZTE, to the old-time big players HTC and Samsung. However, besides Nokia (which we are expected to hear more later this month at Nokia World), we’ve yet to see a new device coming from LG. Well, today German fashion designer Jil Sander announced a new phone in collaboration with LG, and you’ve guessed right, this phone is based on Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”. Check out the official video below for this new phone, named the LG Jil Sander E906:


According to the official website, the Jil Sander phone sports a 3.8″ TFT screen, 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash, 1 GHz processor, and 16 GB storage space. While not superb specs in comparison to other flagship devices like the Samsung Focus S, it is probably one of the best “fashion phones”. The phone is said to come with the Jil Sander app, which allow users to browse through the Jil Sander online store, purchase items, as well as locate the closest Jil Sander boutique stores. According to reports from Pocket-lint, the phone is expected to arrive as early as tomorrow on October 7, and will be available  in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and the UK.

If you think this is the only Windows Phone 7.5 device coming from LG, think again. According to a leaked roadmap, another flagship device, named the LG Fantasy, is coming before the end of the  year.