Oh look, Xbox 720 rumors all over the place!

xbox720_logo1_1On a day that saw continued Blackberry problems, the release of iOS, which while for some was quite the joyous occasion, seemingly took forever for others and for some even bricked their iPads or iPhones, and news of another Sony user account breach, we thought it would be fun to breathe the fresh air of some wild and not so wild Xbox rumors to lighten up the mood.

A few days ago Gematsu.com noted a number of Linked In profiles mentioning Xbox, all within this year, which set off a bit of a flurry.  Then, some interesting product placement in the new Real Steel trailer:


(the xbox logo shows up at about :45 seconds into the trailer).  As you can see, Bing makes an appearance in the ad ring, too, and apparently the boxing arena is even called “Bing Arena”.  If nothing else, it looks like Microsoft is having a bit of fun with product placement, maybe just to see if anyone’s paying attention.

In any event, and even with the new Xbox Live Update beta program just opening up today, rumors are really beginning to swirl around about a next gen Xbox.  In fact, our friend and LiveSide commenter Avatar X put together a nice recap of the rumors so far on his site Appatic.com.  Now of course you need to take these for what they’re worth, that is, rumors, but Avatar X notes some interesting scuttlebutt, including a rumor that the next Xbox would use Windows 8 (or AMD, or….).

Avatar X is convinced that we’ll see a new Xbox in Q4 2012, and other rumors are placing some kind of Xbox announcement at E3 next June, so it sounds like there will be lots of excitement ahead, even after the new Dashboard arrives this holiday season.

(thanks, Quikboy!)