Announcing the LiveSide Windows Phone Device Gallery: tables gone wild!

OK, so Damaster is, well, the master of putting cool and useful tables together, most recently with our list of Windows Phone Mango devices.  Today we’re proud to unveil our LiveSide Windows Phone Device Gallery:

device gallery

In this searchable, sortable table, we list every Windows Phone out there, including all the pertinent hardware specs, their original Windows Phone OS version, camera info, status (released, announced, rumored), and more:

So to help you keep track of your next Windows Phone device, we decided to compile a list of every Windows Phone device we know of.

To get you started, you can use the search box below to quickly filter for specific keywords (for example, type “AMOLED” if you’re looking for a phone with an AMOLED screen, or “Samsung” if you’re looking for a device from a specific manufacturer), and watch the table update on the fly. You can also click on the column headers to quickly sort the table according to the phone’s specifications (for example, click on “Screen Size” header twice to sort devices from the largest screen to the smallest screen). You can even use a combination of both the search filter and sorting columns to compare the specs between different phones, or use it find your ideal Windows Phone this holiday season.

So if you’re looking for a Windows Phone, want to compare specs, or just want to ogle the impressive lineup of Windows Phones (and of course we’ll be updating the list as more phones are added, beginning with any news from this week’s Nokia World), check out our brand new Windows Phone Device Gallery!