HTC bringing 5gb free Dropbox accounts to all HTC Android phones

android_logoLast week we wrote about the buzz Dropbox has been getting lately, what with a $4 billion valuation on $250 million in new venture capital, and what that means for SkyDrive.  Today HTC has announced, via its Twitter account, that it’s bringing 5gb of free Dropbox storage to every HTC Android phone:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/htc/status/128546238999175168″]

A current Dropbox free account is 2gb, so HTC users will get an extra 3gb of storage for free.  A new app in the Android Market, set to go live later today, will get HTC Android users all set up.

Now, of course you already get 25gb of free storage on SkyDrive with a Windows Live ID, easily accessible from Windows Phone via the Office Hub, but this latest move is another indication that pressure is mounting on SkyDrive to compete directly with Dropbox, or face having to come from behind in yet another market.