Lenovo to become new Windows Phone OEM? New “LePhone S2” images leaked

LenovoEarlier this month, Andy Lees, President of the Windows Phone division, mentioned during the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong that new OEMs will be coming onboard with Windows Phone. Reuters also recently suspected that Microsoft could be in talks with vendors in China, such as Lenovo and Huawei Technologies, to launch devices targeted at the mainland Chinese market.

Today, Chinese news site CNBeta (via WPCentral) leaked several photos of an allegedly new Windows Phone device coming from Lenovo, said to be called LePhone S2. Check them out below:

LePhone S2LePhone S2 2LePhone S2 3LePhone S2 4

No further details or specification about the device was leaked. And as WPCentral pointed out, the Windows Phone buttons (Back, Start and Search) are barely visible in the photos, which raises some questions as to whether this device is real or not. But it could be possible that this is an early prototype device.

Microsoft was allegedly in talks with Lenovo, ZTE, and Huawei back in December last year to produce Windows Phone devices in China, according to NetworkWorld. We have seen the ZTE deal eventuate, with the company producing their first Windows Phone – the ZTE Tania. We also reported back in July that Huawei expressed interest in producing Windows Phone devices, with Victor Xu, Chief Marketing Officer for Devices at Huawei Technologies, saying that the company will “probably” produce a Windows Phone device in 2012. So it is very interesting to see that Lenovo might potentially be on board as another OEM for Windows Phone.