Hey wait, is Microsoft doing this Windows Phone update thing…. right?

thumbsupOk, so the Windows Phone update story got off to a rocky start.  In case you don’t remember, early last year, Windows Phone’s first set of updates, code named “NoDo” didn’t go so well, especially at all at first.  Communication was, well, poor, and it took a bit of an uprising after some (unintentionally) callous remarks from Joe Belfiore for Microsoft to let users know what was going on.

We weren’t too happy at the time, calling the whole mess a “PR debacle” and asking “will Microsoft ever learn?”:

We hope to get the NoDo update soon, and another one shortly after that, be treated well, and forget about this whole mess.  It’s still early, Nokia is coming on board, the carriers want nothing more than to keep Apple and especially or Android from steamrolling over their businesses, and we want a winner of a Windows Phone.  Can that be so hard?

But Belfiore did apologize, Microsoft created the “Where’s my Phone Update” pages, and got better at not only communicating but delivering updates.  When they tried again, with Mango, the process was markedly different.

And now, just a few weeks after Mango, Microsoft is releasing yet another set of updates: fixing a few bugs, enabling Internet Sharing (tethering) for some, and even getting Mango out to the last remaining holdouts, the infamous Samsung Focus rev. 1.4, and for Omnia 7 owners on Spanish operator Telefonica.

To be honest, we had our doubts about how well Mango would roll out.  We were pretty sure we’d see it on new phones “in early fall”, but half expected the update for existing Windows Phones to take months.  That didn’t happen, and to see Microsoft rolling out yet another set of updates, without much fanfare but certainly without the headaches, well, we’re impressed.  Now if someone could just go out and sell some phones!