Fired Windows Phone evangelist lands at Google

Joe Marini, who was fired from Microsoft after tweeting about the at the time unreleased Nokia 800, has landed at Google, according to, of course, a tweet by Marini this morning:

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The former Principal Program Manager for the Windows Phone web platform got into trouble this last September when he not only tweeted about he Nokia phone, but had some less than flattering things to say about it:

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Marini lists his new job on his Twitter profile as “Google Dev Advocate. Mobile Apps & Web, Product Management and Strategy, API platforms, Developer Relations, Community Engagement”, reports via Twitter that he will be spending time in “SF and Seattle, too” and says he’s setting up a blog to answer @GoshBerliner’s question, “so, what the hell happened?”.

Marini had a habit of being overly open on Twitter, and we reported on his offer to show off the as yet unannounced mobile version of IE9 at SXSW, where Microsoft was set to unveil the desktop version of IE9.