LiveSide presents Questions and Requests, first off is SkyDrive

Following my meeting with some of Microsoft UK’s Hotmail team last month it has been decided that the event was a great platform to provide feedback to the company through the questions and feature requests I took with me. Microsoft found this to be extremely useful and is therefore very keen to make this more of a regular exercise and so I am pleased to announce a new project from LiveSide which I’m dubbing “Questions and Requests”.

Questions and Requests

The plan for “Questions and Requests” is for me to liaise with Microsoft to let them know what you, the passionate users, actually think about its products and what new features you would like to see make an appearance. The information will be passed on to the relevant teams within Microsoft. Microsoft is keen to find out what new feedback they can get from the readers of Liveside and use this to shape future releases of products.

At the minute I’m not sure how often to run this feature but expect it to be either fortnightly or monthly. I will give a week for you to send your questions and requests in and then I shall pass them on to the various teams within Microsoft UK and once I have answers I will share them here.

One thing I would say is that please make sure to elaborate on questions and requests as it can be tricky to figure out the exact meaning of a question or request when only given a short sentence.

Seeing as Microsoft blogged about SkyDrive yesterday I think it makes sense to start with the service so please leave a comment or send me a tweet with your questions and requests for the SkyDrive team. I will be collating all the feedback towards the end of next week and will then pass it on to Microsoft.

Questions and Requests SkyDrive

I look forward to seeing what you guys think about SkyDrive, what questions you have about it and what requests you’d like to see implemented.