Windows Phone “Tango” will support 120 languages, C++ development support coming soon

Windows Phone TangoAccording to WPSauce (via WMPU), Microsoft revealed some interesting information during a Windows Phone developers camp in India today. According to Karthik Ragubathy, who had been attending this event, the on-stage speaker had confirmed to the attendees that the next release of Windows Phone, codenamed “Tango”, will support 120 languages:

Another revelation that came in when I asked about the local language support – one of the speakers said, and I quote: “Mango has support for 35 languages and Tango will have for 120 languages”.

According to previous reports, “Tango” is focused on bringing Windows Phone to additional markets, including developing countries such as China and India which had been traditionally neglected by Microsoft in the past. This news greatly complements this focus for Microsoft to bring Windows Phones to as many markets as possible. In addition, WMPU notes that iOS currently only supports 34 languages and Android 55 languages, while Windows 7 supports 125 languages, meaning Microsoft is really bringing their expertise to bring additional language support to Windows Phone users.

Ragubathy also mentioned via Twitter that one of the Microsoft speakers confirmed that developers will be able to develop apps for the “next release” of Windows Phone using C++ native coding, although the speakers refused to confirm whether this “next release” refers to Tango, Apollo, or the next developer release of Visual Studio:

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Let’s hope more news will come out soon regarding Microsoft’s next iteration of their Windows Phone OS. With Mobile World Congress 2012 just around the corner in less than a month, we certainly hope to hear more about Windows Phone “Tango” at that time!