Confirmed: Windows Phone “Tango” to get Facebook and Twitter replaced in China

Windows Phone TangoMicrosoft planned expand Windows Phone into the Chinese market for a long time, and with Windows Phone “Tango”, this will push it into reality. However, establishing in the Chinese market is not simple, given the many localised services that the general population uses, and getting it right is critical for Windows Phone’s success in this market.

WPDang recently revealed some details about the localisation features of Windows Phone “Tango” targeted specifically at the Chinese market. Specifically:

  • Xbox LIVE will be removed from the Games hub – given that the Xbox LIVE service was never launched in mainland China. Check out the photo below showing the Games hub without Xbox LIVE:
    Games Hub without Xbox LIVE
  • Built-in Facebook and Twitter integration will be replaced by localised services such as RenRen (Facebook replacement), Weibo (Twitter replacement), Kaixin001, and Tencent – given that both Facebook and Twitter are not available in mainland China. Check out the exclusive screenshot below showing Weibo’s connection to Windows Live:
    Profile - Weibo on Windows Phone
  • New local payment methods will be available in addition to credit cards, such as Alipay, Chinapay or Tenpay

It is expected that Windows Phone “Tango” will launch in China sometime in March, according to WPDang, and manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, LG, and ZTE will launch specific devices targeted at the Chinese market.