Xfinity on Demand for Xbox Live: coming soon?

xfinity-logoLast October, Microsoft announced plans to “transform TV” by partnering with a number of entertainment providers, including Comcast’s Xfinity, but with only a few of the services available at launch.  Now, it looks like US customers of Comcast may soon be getting access to Xfinity on Demand, by the looks of a FAQ on Comcast’s website spotted by a forum poster on (via Engadget, who says that the app “could launch as soon as the next week or so”).

The FAQ reveals that Comcast users will not have Xfinity watching on their Xboxes counted against their bandwidth caps, as the content will be delivered over Comcast’s private IP network, and reiterates a number of qualifications needed to make use of the service, including:

  • Comcast subscribers must have both Xfinity Digital Video and Xfinity Internet services, as well as Xbox Live Gold.
  • At least one TV in the household must be connected to Xfinity internet (but not necessarily the TV the Xbox is connected to).

In addition, the FAQ also notes that no Live programming will be available at launch, and that only a subset of the Xfinity services will be offered, at least at first:

Our current Xbox content includes:

    • Free Video On Demand
    • National Broadcaster Video On Demand
    • Premium Video on Demand

In the future we will be adding more On Demand content to the Xbox App

The Xfinity app will work with Kinect, and will be tied in to the Xbox dashboard’s search functionality, according to the FAQ.