Xbox press conference set for E3: June 4th, 10am

e3After Sony’s E3 press conference announcement yesterday, Microsoft has today announced their press event time and date for this year’s E3 conference: Monday June 4th at 10am, according to a post on the and elsewhere.  Even though Microsoft has publicly said that there will be no new Xbox hardware this year, we’re still heading down to Los Angeles for E3, as Xbox continues to blur the lines between gaming hardware, consumer online services, and entertainment.

As Microsoft’s consumer online services continue to evolve, and Xbox comes out of its hardcore gamer shell to become a big, maybe the biggest, player in the world of connected living room entertainment, we’re paying a lot more attention to Xbox these days.  And with the rumors about a more seamless integration between Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Xbox (especially Xbox Live), these next few months, with or without new hardware, should be exciting times for Xbox.

We’ll have more to say about our coverage of E3 in the next few weeks.  What do you want to hear from Microsoft at this year’s E3?