Not sure about Writer, but Family Safety to live on

family safetyWhile the future of Windows Live Writer remains uncertain, even with faint praise coming in the form of a tweet by Chris Jones, another Windows Live Essentials app missing from the Building Windows 8 blog on the death of Windows Live has been accounted for, this time with some solid information on what the future holds for what will soon be known as “Windows Family Safety”.

A job posting went up on May 1st on Microsoft Careers, advertising for a Software Development Engineer for “Windows Family Safety”.  From the job post:

We are looking for passionate developers to build our next generation Windows Family Safety Solution. Family Safety will be playing a pivotal role in many of Microsoft next generation products.
Our solution spans from a filtering driver in Windows8 to a UI in windows Control panel, Web site and multiple high volume web services.
The Windows Family Safety team delivers a service in Windows that help parents monitor how their children use devices and protects them while they are online. We operate the online service that provides roaming safety settings, activity reports for parents, and a website rating service to filter adult sites while children are browsing the Internet. This is an end-to-end solution that includes a client and service integrated into Windows and central repository for family settings and ratings across Microsoft products.

While what has been known as Windows Live Family Safety didn’t make the cut in the Building Windows 8 blog post matrix, it looks like Family Safety, unlike some other products, has a bright future with Windows 8 and beyond.