Windows Live SMS alerts feature to be discontinued May 31

Windows Live has had its SMS alerts feature since the early days, when Microsoft rebranded MSN Alerts service to Windows Live in 2006. The service allowed you to subscribe to particular contents from various Microsoft’s partners, and provides notifications either via Messenger toasts, email, or direct to your mobile device via SMS. In 2010, Microsoft discontinued its Windows Live Alerts service, however it has retained its alerts feature for Hotmail, Calendar, SkyDrive, and Messenger social. Users were able to add in their mobile number at and then configure various notifications via Messenger social and Hotmail. Below is a screenshot of as it appears now:

SMS Services

Thanks to a tip from Robin van Veghel, users are now receiving a notification from the Windows Live team indicating that the SMS alerts feature will be discontinued on May 31st. See the contents of the notification email below:

Dear Windows Live customer,

We’re contacting you because we are making a change to the Windows Live alerts feature for Microsoft Hotmail, Microsoft SkyDrive and Windows Live Messenger.

You might be using the alerts feature to have text messages sent to your phone when a new mail, Messenger social or SkyDrive comment arrives. The Windows Live mobile alert feature is being discontinued as of May 31st. This means you will not receive text messages on your phone when a new mail, Messenger social or SkyDrive comment arrives.

Please remember Hotmail, Messenger and SkyDrive may be accessed directly from your phone or phone’s web browser. For more info, see Get mail on your phone, Get Messenger on your phone, and Get SkyDrive on your phone.

We remain focused on making Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive and your Windows PC the best that they can be. Note that this change has no impact on your ability to access Hotmail, Messenger, and Skydrive.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we update our services.

The Windows Live Team

It makes sense for Microsoft to discontinue the SMS mobile alerts, given their focus is now on creating mobile apps for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platform. And for those without a smartphone, mobile browser version of Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Messenger social is also available (as long as you have a data plan and a mobile browser).