SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac updated: rolling out this week

skydrive-logoA blog post on the newly renamed “Inside SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Messenger” blog brings us news that after releasing some minor bug fixing updates to SkyDrive’s Windows Phone and iOS apps, Microsoft is rolling out updates to the desktop apps for Windows and Mac, “which will appear automatically on your PC or Mac over the course of the next week or so. You don’t need to do anything, as the updates occur automatically in the background”.

The changes include bug fixes and speed improvements, the dropping of the SkyDrive for OS X Lion app icon in the dock when running, an update to the total files allowed in the SkyDrive folder (from 150k to 10 million files, whoa!), and “a cool new feature” coming for the about to be released Windows 8 Release Preview:

Right from the Photos app in Windows 8, you can fetch photos stored on your other PCs that have SkyDrive installed – no matter where you are or how many terabytes of photos you have stored on the PC you are accessing. We’ll have more to say about this shortly, so stay tuned.

The new version will carry a build number of 16.4.4111.0525, while the current build number is 16.4.3347.0416.  You can check to see whether you’ve been upgraded by checking Settings>About (in Windows, this is in the right-click menu for the SkyDrive system tray icon, and on the Mac, it’s on the application menu).