Windows 8 Release Preview downloads go live on MSDN – update, now available to the public!

windows-8-logoAfter a bit of a snafu yesterday where Microsoft jumped the gun by publishing a blog post early announcing the availability of Windows 8 Release Preview for today (May 31) and then pulling it, the download links (as long as you have an MSDN subscription) have just gone live, at least on MSDN and Technet.  We’re expecting the public download links to go live sometime soon as well.

edit: the public download link is live, here:

…which currently resolves to a search page but there’s a good chance that it will be live soon.  We’re downloading the RP as we speak, but if you want to get a sneak peak at what’s new in the Release Preview, Winbeta, who somehow got early access earlier today to what they called the official version, have a video walkthrough up that shows off some of the new, and newly revised Metro style apps, including new features for Mail, Photos, Messaging, and more, along with the new News, Sports, and Travel apps.

If you’re waiting for Windows 8 Release Preview, it shouldn’t be long now