First screenshots of Windows Phone 8 leaked

Windows PhoneWith just one week to go until the Windows Phone Summit, to be held on June 20 in San Francisco, more details about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS, codenamed “Apollo”, are starting to leak out. Yesterday, we reported several new features coming to the OS, including Skype integration, 3D maps, and more. Today Nokia Innovation managed to get hold of some (very blurry) screenshots of Windows Phone 8, which seems to have some credibility according to WPCentral. Check them out below:

Apollo - Skype Video Call Built-in Video Call
The first screenshot shows the built-in video calling function of Windows Phone 8, taking advantage of the front-facing cameras of the second generation and upcoming devices.

Video calling will come as part of the built-in Skype functionality, however as detailed previously other VOIP providers are able to “patch into” the Windows Phone 8 OS too.

Apollo - Skype and RCSe Skype and RCSe integration
As detailed previously, Windows Phone 8 will have Skype built-in across the OS, particularly the People hub. As shown in the screenshot, you’ll be able to initiate voice calls, video calls, and IM over the Skype network with your contacts.

Also leaked before, Windows Phone 8 also supports Rich Communication Suite-enhanced (RCSe) services, which allows operators to integrate their own, or third-party, voice and messaging services directly to the People hub.

Apollo - Camera and Lenses Camera and “Lenses”
Yesterday’s post also mentioned something called “Lenses” in Windows Phone 8, which will allow developers to take full advantage of the phone’s camera. An example was given where a “Lenses” app can combines burst mode with smile detection to capture a perfect portrait shot.

The screenshot on the left shows the Camera function of Windows Phone 8. On the top are the zoom sliders, and on the bottom-left is the “Lenses” button.

Apollo - DataSmart DataSmart
Details leaked previously via Joe Belfiore’s video also mentioned something called “DataSmart”, which is a feature to simplify tracking of data usage on the phone.

According to Nokia Innovation, “first bar [in the screenshot] shows how much data you have left, the second shows how many days remaining on your data plan”. The website also reports that you can even adjust your data plan based on the data report, provided your carrier supports this. WPCentral mentioned that this is one of the customisation opportunities Windows Phone 8 will offer carriers.

Hopefully this provides a first glimpse at some of the new features coming to Windows Phone 8. Of course, there will be much more that hasn’t been shown by these screenshots. We simply cannot wait until next week when Microsoft takes the curtains off Windows Phone 8.