Bing partners with Qwiki and Yelp to bring a better search experience

Bing, Yelp and QwikiTwo pieces of news related to Bing was announced recently, both aiming to bring you a better search experience. The first announcement relates to Bing partnering with Qwiki to bring an interactive and dynamic experience to your search results. For those who doesn’t know what Qwiki is, according to the Bing team blog it involves “interactive presentations combining images, videos, maps and spoken narration”. Perhaps it’s easier to explain with a video, as shown below:

It was announced that Qwikis will initially appear alongside Wikipedia results, with deeper integration to follow in the coming months.

The second announcement relates to Microsoft partnering with Yelp to bring better local search results to Bing. Below is an excerpt of the announcement:

Starting today, people in the US will begin seeing even more rich Yelp data in Bing’s snapshot (the center column) and relevant Bing Local pages allowing you to scan reviews at a glance or dive into rich content such as photos and restaurant reviews.

You can check out an example of the much enhanced Bing Local search results page below:

Yelp on Bing

Of course, as usual, both features are limited to the US version of Bing only.