Official Windows Phone website publishes “Tango” update features

Windows Phone TangoWith only 3 days to go until Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft is also almost ready to push out their “Tango” update for the Windows Phone OS, or better known as the CR3 (Commercial Release 3) with build 7.10.8773.98. On the official Windows Phone Help & How-to website (interestingly, most international variants except the US), Microsoft has updated the Windows Phone update history page with details about the update. Below is what it says on the page:

Update 7.10.8773.98

Messaging. Adds new messaging capabilities to your phone. You can now attach multiple pictures, videos, audio notes and ringtones to text messages.

SIM card. Adds features related to SIM card contacts. You can now export phone contacts to a SIM card and selectively import SIM card contacts to your phone.

Other quality improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

This update is not available in all markets or for all phones.

Of course, we have heard about and have even seen leaked screenshots of the above improvements before. Further, was also able to obtain some screenshots of the new build for Nokia Lumia 800 (Chinese variant), check them out below:


Perhaps the most interesting is that the update added several e-mail services specific to the Chinese market, including QQ Mail, Sina Mail and Sohu Mail (note that they do not appear to be social network or messaging services from these companies).

We have heard that Microsoft has had the “Tango” update ready for quite some time now, and WMPU suspects that they are simply waiting for a single co-ordinated rollout much like Mango last year. With the official website now updated, the rollout could be very near.