Windows Phone Summit set to begin

WP SummitIn early May, Microsoft sent out invitations to a “Developer Summit”, to be held in San Francisco on June 20-21.  Since then, the name has been changed to the “Windows Phone Summit”, and Microsoft is widely expected to begin talking about its next generation of Windows Phones, Windows Phone 8.

The event keynote is being livestreamed at, and while Channel 9 has a link to a Speakers list, but no actual list, we know that Joe Belfiore, was “headed to the airport…can you guess where?”, and sounding relieved to be able to talk more about Windows 8:

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After Monday’s surprise revelation of a Microsoft tablet, The Surface, expectations are high for Windows Phone, and the press event at Milk Studios in LA on Monday will be hard to beat, but we very much doubt that Microsoft will pull off a double-whammy and announce they’re building their own phones, too.  We should hear quite a bit more about Windows Phone 8, though, as Microsoft tries to get the ball rolling for new apps for the new phone OS.

Hopefully, we will get some clarification on whether or not existing phones will be either upgradeable to Windows Phone 8, or at least perhaps to some interim version, but after Monday, we’re going to be ready for anything.

The event is set to start in just a few minutes, and we’ll have the news as it happens. Stay tuned!