With Hotmail Metro-fied as Outlook.com, what’s next? (Hint: SkyDrive, Calendar)

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled Outlook.com, the new look version of Hotmail, but if you’ve poked around the new interface, you’ll have noticed a somewhat jarring transition between the Metro style Outlook.com and the old Wave 4 stylings of SkyDrive and Calendar.

outlook icons

While “Mail” and “People”, and the newly renamed “Microsoft account” are done, we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for SkyDrive and Calendar.  But LiveSide readers have already had a glimpse of what SkyDrive will look like, as we showed you last week:


Yesterday, while we were all on the @outlook.com landgrab, WinSupersite’s Paul Thurrott gave us another glimpse of what’s to come, a few more screenshots not in our gallery, showing the picture viewing experience:

photos paul thurrott

and giving a nice overview of what’s to come in SkyDrive.  For more on SkyDrive, be sure to check out our exclusive look at the upcoming Groups integration, changes in options, and more.  Also be sure to check out Paul Thurrott’s excellent coverage on Outlook.com (filed under “Windows Live”, go figure Winking smile), including the look at what’s coming for SkyDrive.

For Calendar, while we don’t know much, we’re expecting it to be quite similar to the Windows 8 Calendar app:

calendar windows 8

Now that Outlook.com is out, and especially with the jarring transition between the SkyDrive and Calendar interfaces and Outlook.com, it can’t be too long before they too make the switch, can it?

(Paul Thurrott’s post via LiveSino.net)