Can a camera save a company? Nokia bets on PureView and imaging expertise

pureviewWhen Nokia debuts its Windows Phone 8 devices, the first of which we’re expecting to hear about in as soon as a month away at Nokia World, the focus, as it were, will be on how Nokia plans to differentiate itself not only from other Windows Phones, but from the rest of the smartphone industry.  And it’s becoming clear (geez enough with the unintended camera puns) that a big part of Nokia’s strategy is going to revolve around imaging -  specifically with the introduction of PureView to Windows Phones, but going much deeper than that.

It’s not been made clear whether the first Windows Phone 8 devices will include PureView, the new technology phone cameras introduced by Nokia earlier this year with their (non Windows Phone) Nokia PureView 808, but it is very clear that Nokia plans to not only bring PureView to Windows Phone, but that it plans to continue to aggressively innovate in its phone camera technologies in order to make Nokia’s cameras a selling point and differentiator.

The Boy Genius Report recently interviewed Nokia’s Jo Harlow, Executive Vice President of smart devices, about Windows Phone, PureView, and the future of imaging at Nokia, and released this video today:


Some highlights from the short, but quite interesting interview with Harlow:

We think we’ve taken a big first step to re-establish Nokia in the US market as a smartphone player

We have been investing heavily in image quality.  PureView is all about image quality and loss-less zooming.  Our intention is to bring that technology to the Windows Phone platform.

Those are the things that we’re going to bring to the marketplace. How to solve those problems (blurriness, low light) so that without ever having to consider it, you’re going to take the best pictures of your life.

Will “the best pictures of your life”, coupled with the advances in Windows Phone 8, be enough to sway consumers away from Apple and Android towards Nokia and Microsoft?  Is your phone’s camera important to you?  And will the combination of a superior Nokia camera along with Windows Phones’ easy upload to Facebook or SkyDrive be what helps to get Windows Phone going?

(BGR interview via The Nokia Blog)