Will the WP8 Nokia “Phi” have a Pureview camera?

Nokia is expected to unveil its new Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th, at a press event in New York, and we’ve seen bits of leaked information on the at least two expected devices, including the Nokia Phi.  Now word coming to us from Australia, specifically from WPDownUnder.com, run by Windows Phone enthusiast “Sheeds“, indicates that the Phi may indeed include Nokia’s 40MP super phone camera, the PureView.

Recent leaks have confirmed that the next Lumia model is codenamed the Nokia Phi, and will continue the “upper end” of the Lumia device range following on from the 800/900. WPDownUnder has received information this week advising that not only is this the case – but that the Phi device WILL feature a PureView camera fully integrated and functional with Windows Phone 8.

The Pureview camera is featured on Nokia’s 808 phone, but has yet to make it to a Windows Phone device, and it has been unclear whether the first wave of Nokia Windows Phone 8  devices would include the uber-camera.