Bing now lets you search your Facebook friend’s photos

BingEarlier this year, Microsoft introduced “the new Bing” which includes a new sidebar for users to interact with your friends to be able to search more socially. This sidebar, released since May this year, shows friend’s who have posted photos related to your search query using their photo title, album description or caption. Today, the Bing team released an update to Bing’s social feature which extends this capability and now allow users to search their friend’s entire photo collections on Facebook. Here’s what the Bing team has to say:

With today’s release, we are taking this a step further and letting you search and browse your Facebook friends’ photos right in Bing. Now simply by clicking on a photo in the sidebar, you will be linked to a full experience on Bing where you can see more photos from your Facebook friends that match your search. From there, you can also search for additional photos, or simply browse the latest photos from your friends.

Bing Friends Photo Search

For those who are worried about their privacy, don’t worry as Bing will always respect the privacy settings on Facebook. Your Facebook friends will only be able to see the photos you have made viewable, and you will only see photos your friends have made viewable, and your photos will never be shared with the public.

To try out the new feature (interestingly, this works over here in Australia), visit