Nokia “Glory” to be the low-end Windows Phone 7.8 device

Nokia Whilst all the news recently had been focussing around Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 handsets – rumored to be the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 – it appears Nokia also has plans to release low-end devices to become the successor to their Lumia 610. The Verge today reported that that Nokia is planning to release the Nokia “Glory” (codename only), which is said to come pre-loaded with Windows Phone 7.8 rather than Windows Phone 8. Below is an excerpt:

According to sources familiar with Nokia’s Windows Phones, the Finnish manufacturer is preparing a handset codenamed "Glory" that will include a 4-inch display.

The handset is designed as a successor to the low-end Lumia 610 "Tango" Windows Phone and will include Windows Phone 7.8 and low specifications such as a 800mhz processor and the typical 256MB of RAM found in super low-end Windows Phones.

During the Windows Phone Summit, it was announced that Windows Phone 8 will be “optimized” for dual-core processors at launch, as such there may be a period of time when Windows Phone 7.8 devices may be sold alongside Windows Phone 8 devices before they fine-tune Windows Phone 8 both upwards and downwards. According to Twitter user @WindowsPhone8, who had been very accurate with his previous info around Windows Phone “Mango” before it was announced, mentioned the same thing, indicating that Windows Phone 7.8 operating system will be used for the lowest-end devices by manufacturers:

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As such, it was reported that the Nokia “Glory” might launch as early as the holiday seasons, although that has not yet been fully determined. The Verge did mention that we should not be expecting news about the Nokia “Glory” during next week’s announcements, where it is expected that Nokia will be announcing their Lumia 820 and 920 Windows Phone 8 devices.