Microsoft adCenter is now Bing Ads; Bing Ads API gets Dare Obasanjo

3678_BingAds_PostWe just wrote about SkyDrive’s APIs based on a blog post by Dare Obasanjo, who has been working on Live APIs for the past eight years or so, so it’s a bit of a coincidence that while writing about Bing Ads, the new name for Microsoft adCenter, we noticed that Dare is moving from the service formerly known as Windows Live to become a Lead Program Manager on the Bing Ads team, working among other things on the Bing Ads API.

Microsoft announced the name change to Bing Ads, and also announced the Yahoo! Bing Network last night.  Of course Microsoft couldn’t just do an easy name change, and although advertising on Bing, which you used to do via Microsoft Advertising adCenter, is now handled through Bing Ads, Microsoft Advertising still exists, for “display or multi-screen ads”.  So we still have Microsoft Advertising, but adCenter is now Bing Ads, which is part of the Yahoo! Bing Network, got it?

Anyway, congratulations to Dare!