Screenshots from the WP8 SDK posted

screenshot20120922008The first developers are beginning to get their hands on a near final version of Windows Phone 8 SDK, and although we haven’t seen a widespread leak as of yet, a poster in the forums has posted a nice collection of screenshots taken off the emulator.

While the screenshots confirm a few things, like downloadable maps, expanded keyboard and language choices, and the “Xbox Music Pass”, we don’t see any secrets jumping off the page, at least none that are worth alienating developers by restricting access to the SDK.

Of course just seeing a screenshot of Xbox Music Pass doesn’t show the breadth of the supposed 30 million song availability, or the details of the “Xbox Music Collection” and how that will tie in to SkyDrive, etc., and there are definitely some new features.  Captured in the screenshots are evidence of a “Do Not Track” request setting for Internet Explorer; better management of website storage on your phone; a setup section for Company Policy allowing remote disabling of the SD card, encrypting storage, and a full remote wipe of the phone; “personalized suggestions” that, once your Microsoft and Facebook accounts are tied to Bing, can suggest apps, nearby places, and deals; and the “camera lens” features that Joe Belfiore showed off at the Nokia 920 event recently.

Also included in the screenshots are Microsoft Wallet, Office settings, a full list of keyboard and language settings, Xbox sync settings, and more.  You can check out all the screenshots at (you’ll need to register to see the images, it’s free).  Does anything jump out at you as being a really cool new feature of Windows Phone 8, previously unannounced?