As expected, Windows 8 “built-in” apps to get an update

We learned a lot of stuff we already knew today, from AT&T’s announcement that they were going to sell the Nokia 920 (ok, the exclusive part was news), to “news” about the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launch events, to the blog post later this afternoon from the Building Windows 8 blog announcing that the built in Windows 8 apps would be getting updates.

windows 8

Not, “here’s your updates” mind you.  No, it couldn’t be that easy.  Instead, Microsoft will be rolling out Windows 8 apps updates between sometime in the near future until Windows 8 General Availability (GA) on October 26th.  Apps that are due to be updated include Bing, SkyDrive, Mail / Calendar / People / and Messaging, Photos, Maps, Finance, News, Sports, Travel, Weather, Video, Music, and Games.

Highlights include IMAP support coming for the Mail app (yay!), Search within SkyDrive (but no mention of selective sync), Bird’s eye view and indoor venue maps in Bing Maps, Bing Rewards, New York Times and Wall St. Journal content in News, “expanded music services” in Music, and lots lots more.

Check out the blog post, and keep an eye on your Windows 8 Store tile for updates as these apps roll out while we wait for the Surface to go on sale!