Microsoft sends out invites to Windows 8 launch (and we’re invited!)

This morning Microsoft sent out invites to the tech press, journalists, and analysts to the launch event for Windows 8, to be held at Pier 57 in New York City.  While a cross country (or cross-continent) trip for us was out of the question, our good LiveSide friend and occasional contributor Chris Poirier will be making the trip down from Massachusetts and will be covering the event for us (and enjoying the show, we’re sure!)


The event includes a “Microsoft Surface Reception”, and The Verge is reporting that Surface tablets will go on sale at midnight on October 26th at Microsoft Stores and launching Microsoft’s Holiday pop-up stores, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.  We are planning on heading over to Bellevue to pick up a Surface or two, and should have a report from the scene.

In addition, Microsoft has begun to send out invites for a separate launch event for Windows Phone 8, to be held on October 29th in San Francisco.  We’re waiting to hear if we’ll be able to make it down to the Bay Area, but will be keeping you posted either way! (edit: yay, we just got invited to the Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Francisco, too!  Monday October 29th at 10am, unfortunately no venue yet, but it’s a start!)