More Bing home page features tested: download images?

The other day a tipster caught a glimpse on a Channel 9 video of a set of pan and zoom controls on the home page image, and now today another LiveSide tipster (thanks!) sent us screenshots of another home page image feature he’s been seeing allowing you to download the daily image (altered here slightly to highlight the control):

We’re not seeing it yet, but as we know Bing is fond of “flight” testing various features, some of which never see full deployment, so we’re not sure when or even if we’ll see the download or the “Photosynth” features.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Bing build upon what has turned out to be one of their most popular features.  (By the way, in the meantime, our friend Long Zheng built the Bing Image Archives quite a while ago that’s still running, if you’re looking for a particular image).

Are you seeing the download link?  Any other new features you’ve spotted?