Looks like Microsoft is dropping “Live” from more than just Windows Live, or are they?

The other day, WPCentral reported that a new version of Xbox Live Extras was becoming available from the Windows Phone Store, except that pesky “Live” branding had been removed, leaving us with “Xbox Extras”.


Now today, it looks like the app has disappeared completely, and WPCentral is suspecting that the new app was/is supposed to be part of the Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 launch, and may have been released a little early.  They’re also guessing that an earlier revision, and then subsequent yanking, of the Adobe Reader 10.1 app might have jumped the gun, too, which is why that app was “updated” back to version 9.0.

Still, it’s interesting that Microsoft may be moving further away from “Live”.  Would they rebrand “Xbox Live”, the extremely popular connected version of Xbox?  Maybe they want you to think of Xbox itself as being not only a console, but a subscription model.  We’ll have to wait and see.