MSN for Windows 8 now up and running ahead of October 26 launch

MSN for Windows 8Earlier this month Microsoft announced that they will be releasing an all new, redesigned MSN homepage specifically for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 – dubbed “MSN for Windows 8” – on October 26, the launch date for Windows 8 and Surface tablets. Today, Neowin reports that the new website is now live at, check it out below:

MSN Homepage

What’s cool also is that you can “snap” the webpage to the sidebar, and the webpage will resize accordingly, as shown below:

MSN Homepage Sidebar

Other properties, such as MSN Money, MSN Entertainment, and MSN Now, also has a “Windows 8” version available, all accessible through the homepage. Check it out for yourself at – and remember this will only work on Internet Explorer 10 (on Windows 8).