SkyDrive adds Excel Surveys

Survey-menu_thumb_73BBAAAEIn a blog post on the Inside SkyDrive today, Omar Shahine announced a new feature rolling out in the next 24 hours, Excel Surveys.

Microsoft announced that Excel Surveys were coming back in September, calling them at that time one of the most requested features among students using SkyDrive, and now you’ll be able to create surveys, share them, and collect the results in Excel, allowing you to manipulate the results through Office Web Apps Excel, or of course download it to Excel on your PC.

In addition, according to Shahine, you’ll be able to share your survey in a number of ways:

As the creator of the survey, you can view all of the results in Excel and do neat things like embed the results in a webpage, or create and share a chart or pivot table of the results.




To get to surveys, once they appear in your SkyDrive account (we don’t have them here just yet), just click on the Create button in SkyDrive, and then “Excel Survey”.  From there, you can set up the survey, share it, and start collecting results.

Once the feature goes live, we’ll give it a try here at LiveSide.  What do you think about Excel Surveys?  Will you use them?