Our Windows Phone 8x winner: Christian from Mexico

It wasn’t easy, but we picked a winner of our HTC Windows Phone 8x, the one Microsoft gave away at the Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Francisco in late October. As we said, we only wish we had a Windows Phone to give away to everyone who entered, you are all deserving, and made it a difficult choice. But with only one phone to give away, we had to choose, and our winner is Christian from Mexico. Here’s his entry:

I want and need a Windows phone because I am a universitary student in my country (Mexico) and I can’t afford to buy a Smartphone of this quality which would enable me to increase my study tools. This Smartphone has the merit of allowing me to create notes, take videos of my classes, access to my documents in the cloud and things that are not directly related but help me with my studies. If You want to I will be glad and accept the Smartphone and I assure you I will give excellent use. Please chosen me …. PS. Sry about my pretty bad English, I did my best to translate my words and hope you understand why I want the smartphone.

When we contacted Christian about our decision, we asked him to tell us a little about himself, his studies, and how he came to us. Here’s his reply:

I can’t express how happy I am!

First of all I apologize for my English is too bad but I will try to make me understand.

Nice to meet you, I’m Christian C. and live in Tepic, Nayarit Mexico. My city is the capital of my state and is famous for the “Riviera Nayarit”, this is nothing more than a collection of many excellent beaches and tourism. Many people from other places coming to our beaches..

I’m a college student studiying Marketing degree and this smartphone will help me a lot in my studies. I specialize in graphic design and I can carry in my presentations, designs, tasks and much more. I am very grateful that I have been chosen because my economic level is bad and I can not afford a smartphone of such quality.

Exactly one year ago I made a contract with my carrier and got a xperia mini pro paying  $ 100 (all the money I safe a long time) and  $30 each month for 18 months.

With this smartphone I can stop being in compulsory terms and save me money.

My intentions are to continue studying a master’s and then a doctorate through scholarships in order to afford the expense.

I read LiveSide long time ago, not every post but somes. I started doing it one day seeking information of windows live messenger, because I hear rumors about new interface and integration with social networks, so I found your page.

I honestly do not expected to be the winner and when I was about to send my mail I thought many things that could put at the end but I chose to be honest and express exactly why I like to have it and fortunately I was the winner.

Thank you so much for the gift, believe me, at this time I am jumping of happiness and I feel pretty good … Take for sure that I will send you a picture with the new smartphone, it will be your decision  if you would publish it.

Thanks again, I’m very happy!

We’re glad we were able to make at least one person happy, and hope that the rest of you can share in Christian’s joy this holiday season.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter, and thanks for reading LiveSide!