US stock price: Nokia advances as Apple falls

Is Nokia beginning to make the tiniest dent in its assault the smartphone industry using Windows Phone, and especially the Nokia Lumia 920 as a weapon?  Some recent indications, although they’re far from definitive, have Nokia beginning to make a US stock price comeback, on news that demand for the 920 and the rest of Nokia’s fleet of smartphones and feature phones is rising.

Here’s a quick look at the last three months of US stock prices for Nokia (NOK) and Apple (AAPL), showing Nokia’s steady rise:

nok aapl

Now we’re not saying by any means that Nokia’s recent rise has anything much to do with Apple’s recent downturn, which most recently has to do with Apple’s iPhone 5 sales showing in China, according to Business Insider, but it is a bit heartwarming here to see Nokia, finally, on the rise.

Yahoo News noticed Nokia’s rise against Apple, and WPCentral noted that The Economy News is saying that Nokia “is forecast to benefit from robust demand” in the closing days of 2012, and, we hope, into 2013.

So we’ll take even the tiniest bits of good news, but it does appear that Nokia, and Windows Phone 8, are beginning to turn the tide, if only just a little bit.