Xbox Live migration now available

xbox-live-logoIn a post on the Major Nelson blog, Xbox Live’s Larry Hyrb has posted today that Xbox Live migration is now available in its streamlined form, and you can now move your Xbox Live membership from one country/region to another.

In the past, moving regions was difficult if not impossible, and for those who set their region to the US, but later gained services in their own country and wanted to make a change, it was frustrating.  Likewise, if you do move from one country to another, you can now take your Xbox Live membership with you.

A new page on describes what moves with you:

  1. Your gamerscore, unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox LIVE profile
  2. Any Microsoft Points already in your account
  3. Any remaining time on your Gold membership

but there are some caveats.  Due (most likely) to licensing restrictions, you’re not able to move Xbox Music subscriptions, and if you have one, the subscription will be cancelled without refund.  In addition, some services may not be available in your new region, and some services may be blocked, so you should check into what’s available in the new region to avoid surprises.

You can learn more about Xbox Live migration on the support document posted on

Microsoft has been working on making it easier to move subscriptions for some time now, a frustrating issue for a select few Xbox Live users, and it’s good to see that the service is now available.  Are you affected by a region/country move?