Nokia “Laser”, a Lumia 920 variant, coming soon to Verizon Wireless

NokiaAs we are getting closer to Mobile World Congress, scheduled to be held in Barcelona during 25-28 February, 2013, news and rumors about Nokia’s upcoming line of devices are starting to trickle out. A few days ago we just learnt of the Nokia “EOS”, an upcoming flagship Windows Phone 8 device which will feature a 41-megapixels camera sensor found in the Nokia 808 PureView device together with an aluminium casing. The device is expected to be launched on the US carrier AT&T later this year.

The Verge today reports that they have learnt of another new device codenamed Nokia “Laser”, said to be a variant of the current flagship Nokia Lumia 920, that will launch on the US carrier Verizon Wireless soon. It was reported that this device will launch alongside the previously rumored Nokia “Catwalk”, which is said to also have similar specifications to the Nokia Lumia 920 but with an aluminium casing to make the device thinner and lighter.

According to The Verge, the flagship Nokia “Laser” device will also receive an aggressive marketing from Microsoft, Nokia as well as Verizon:

Sources have revealed that Microsoft is planning to back Verizon’s Nokia Laser device heavily. We’re told that the Laser will be a flagship device for Verizon, meaning the operator will market it alongside rival top tier devices. Microsoft is said to be investing marketing dollars to push the Laser when it debuts later this year.

No timeframe has been suggested for the device,  however we certainly hope that we will hear more about Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 lineup during Mobile World Congress next month.