Calendar rumblings?

Like the Holy Grail, a workable Hotmail / Calendar has been elusive for longer than we care to remember, but some recent indications are that one may indeed be on the way.

If you caught Jamie Thomson’s comment on yesterday’s post, you are already aware that he’s received a revamped look to the daily email he’s been getting from

My Live Calendar schedule notification email today has a new “modern” look (and it’s coming from a new address)



Jamie was kind enough to forward along the emails he received.  Here’s the first one, received on March 21, from [email protected]:


…and here’s the one he received the next day, all modernized, and from [email protected]:


We’ve been hearing some other rumblings about minor changes to Calendar, too, and although we’re long past getting excited about Calendar, we may just be seeing some light at the end of this interminable tunnel.

Indeed, although we may have poured it on a little thick, a recent Twitter exchange again hints that a Calendar may be coming soon:

twitter calendar convo

One wild guess that just occurred to us as we received another batch of emails reminding us to “upgrade” to Skype (April 8th is the day forced upgrades will begin, remember): maybe Calendar is waiting for Messenger to be shut down, with new code to connect with Skype.  Just a thought, and maybe some small justification for what may be the world’s longest update cycle.

Have you noticed any changes to Calendar?