Bing adds Klout; Klout adds Bing

klout-logoOne place where Microsoft seems to know how to keep up a steady pace of updates is over at Bing, and today they’ve added yet again, this time providing a Klout score along with information from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to Snapshot profiles about “professionals and celebrities who are active on social networks or have a commanding web presence”.  A post on the Bing Search blog details the changes, and Bing’s growing relationship with Klout, which was announced last September.

On the flip side, Klout has also added Bing, according to The Official Klout Blog:

Starting today, you can connect your Klout account to Bing. This is one of the early and natural fruits of the partnership we announced with Bing last Fall, and means that Bing search data will start becoming integrated into Klout’s algorithm. Search results will eventually factor into each user’s Klout Score.

If you have a Klout account, you can connect it to Bing.  Klout also announced a new partnership with Instagram today on the same blog post, apparently just about everyone but Windows Phone is connecting up with Instagram these days.