See What’s Next: Nokia to hold Lumia press event on May 14

It was a little bit earlier than what we expected, but Nokia has just sent out an invitation to media outlets of an press event scheduled to be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 in London, United Kingdom. Below is an image of the invite (courtesy of WPCentral):

Nokia May 14 Event

The invitation reads “The Nokia Lumia story continues”, signifying that we’re expected to see new Lumia device(s) announced during the event. Given the location is held in the UK, we don’t expect Nokia to announce the Nokia Lumia 928, expected to be an exclusive US carrier Verizon device, at the event. Speculations around the internet has identified the Nokia “Catwalk”, a new aluminum-bodied device, as a possible candidate. also speculates that the hidden “See What Next” slogan signifies that we could possibly be seeing the 41-megapixel Nokia “EOS” to be announced at the event too, particularly combined with the subtle “4” and “1” hint in the image below:


What do you think will we see at the May 14 event? Let us know in the comments below.