New Bing, Skype and Yammer logo design concepts revealed

New-Microsoft-LogoWith the rebrand of the Microsoft logo last year, we also saw the rebrand of several other iconic Microsoft brands, including Windows and Office, which brings them all under one cohesive brand. However, according to a Design Day presentation at Oslo, Norway recently by Albert Shum, Windows Phone Design Studio General Manager, and Todd Simmons, Creative Director at Wolff Olins, the rebranding effort for Microsoft does not stop here.

During the 45-minutes presentation, Shum and Simmons talked about the alignment of design, marketing, product and brand at Microsoft. The pair also demonstrated some of the early design concepts for Windows, Office, and Bing, the former two made it into reality whilst the third – the rebrand concept for Bing – was revealed for the first time to the public.

Bing new logo

The Bing logo concept, which has yet to be adopted, resembles that of a flying boomerang. Other design concepts were shown off during the presentation too, and according to Simmons, “other brands are coming along too – Bing, Skype, Yammer, Xbox…everything is under development as well.” Below are some of the other logo design concepts revealed in the presentation, although we’re not quite sure which products they relate to yet:

Other Microsoft logos

You can check out the full 45 minute presentation below: