Bing ships updated Weather app for Windows 8

Two weeks ago, Bing released a “significant” set of updates to its Windows 8 suite of apps (News, Maps, Finance, Sports, and Travel), and promised an update to the Weather app, too, “over the course of the coming days”.

Well maybe the folks in Redmond were waiting a good Seattle-area forecast, but according to a blog post on the Bing Search blog, that wait is over and the Bing Weather app update is now available (as usual, you may have to go to the Windows Store and then Settings>App Updates>Check for Updates to get the update to show up):

bing weather

From the blog post:

Want to know what the weather is going to be like by hour? Want to know what the weather is like on the other part of the country? Now you can stay a step ahead with interactive and dynamically moving weather maps for your city or region across different categories including satellite, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover and radar.

You can also get weather conditions at ski resorts in 31 countries around the world.

The App description in the Windows Store has some additional details:

Key updates to this release of the Weather app include:
• 10 days of detailed weather forecasts hour by hour
• Updates to historical weather information
• Additional information including sunrise/sunset
• New weather background images
• Performance enhancements
• Note: Some features and enhancements may not be available in all markets

Hopefully the Bing Weather app update has showed up just in time for a nice warm and sunny May here in Seattle!