The death of Google Reader (we move on)

blogs-we-likeWell, nothing like waiting til the last minute. Tomorrow (July 1st), Google will shut down Google Reader, which as you may know we’ve been using to aggregate our list of feeds for “Blogs We Like“. While a number of new RSS Readers have jumped at the chance to move in to replace Google Reader (we’ve been using, and Digg has a new reader in beta as well. If you’ve found a good replacement, let us know in the comments), none of them offer the RSS aggregation services that we’ve been using via Google Reader.

But aside from the inconvenience, the truth is the way that we (and we’re guessing most of you) get their online news has changed over the past few years.  Twitter has become (along with Techmeme) where we go first for news, and most of our referrals on breaking stories come from Twitter, too, so we know you’re following along and clicking on your Twitter feed when you see something new.

So today (at the last minute, of course) we switched out our lists of RSS feeds for Twitter lists.  We’re still keeping the name “Blogs We Like” for now (we need all the SEO help we can get), but instead of getting a list of blogs, now you’ll see a list of Tweets.  We know that not everyone even uses “Blogs We Like”, but hey, we do, and in reality a significant number of you do to, enough that just shutting it down didn’t make sense.

Now it’s not a one to one relationship between RSS feeds at Twitter accounts (we’re not sure we need to subject you to the daily machinations of Paul Thurrott, for example, even though we had his SuperSite for Windows in our RSS feeds).  We also just started to curate most of these lists, you’ll see them grow and change in the next few days and weeks.  We also have some work to do with our mobile theme, but we’ll get that worked out soon, too.

So anyway, for now, at least we won’t have dead links.  Oh, and Twitter is loading a lot faster than Google Reader was, too, so there’s that.

If you have a favorite Twitter feed you think we should add, or a new list we should create, let us know in the comments.