First peek at the Samsung Huron Windows Phone 8.1 device, thanks to @evleaks

Mega-leaker @evleaks has posted what appears to be the first render of a Windows Phone 8.1 device, the Samsung “Huron”, said to be coming to Verizon. The Samsung device, which has been showing up here and there in user agent profiles, reportedly sports a 5″ 1080p screen (although it’s shown up in some collected data as a 4.3″ screen), and is known as the Samsung SM-W750V:

As you can see, the render is showing only one visible hardware button, which has been rumored to be a change in specs with Windows 8.1, although there’s not much definitive to glean from the render. As usual, @evleaks is keeping Windows Phone enthusiasts on the edge of their seats as we get closer to learning more about the next iteration of Windows Phone.