Skype for “Modern Windows” updated: Version 2.6 improves cross device syncing

A blog post on the Skype Garage and Updates blog announced today that “Skype for Modern Windows” has been updated, bringing cross device syncing:

With this update, if you have Skype running on multiple devices, your read chats and picked up calls will sync automatically.

Got that ring? When you pick up a call on any device and your modern Skype is on, the incoming ring will stop much faster. Whether you have Skype on a mobile, in your inbox, desktop, tablet or 2-in-1, Skype calls will sync up wherever you choose to take the call from.

Synced chats – as we mentioned in our enhanced chat blog, your chat history and read messages also sync automatically across devices. This way, wherever you are, you can continue the conversation you started. You can also send an IM while someone is offline and they will receive it the next time they sign in.

If you have automatic updates for Modern apps set (we like to know what’s being updated, when, so it’s turned off here), you should be receiving the update, or you can download and install it to your Windows 8.1 device.