LiveSide_logoAfter a nine year run, LiveSide.net was retired at the end of November, 2014.

LiveSide, an independent news and information site focusing on what was once known as “Windows Live”, but encompassing all of Microsoft’s consumer facing online devices and services, was well known for being first with the best and most exclusive dirt on Microsoft’s online initiatives. Started in January 2006, two months after Windows Live was first announced, LiveSide  followed Microsoft’s consumer initiatives including but not limited to Windows Live.  LiveSide followed Hotmail and Outlook.com, Live Drive and SkyDrive, Messenger and Skype, Xbox, Windows Phone, and everything in between.

LiveSide was founded by Chris Overd, Harrison Hoffman, and Matthew Weyer, all former Windows Live MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), and joined by Kip Kniskern shortly after launch. In February of 2006, Microsoft Watch called LiveSide’s writers “sneaky geniuses”, and it became the site’s unofficial motto. While we didn’t always please Microsoft PR, we strove to bring you the latest news and information on everything Microsoft, especially related to consumer online services.

The Manifesto

“While no one’s perfect, we try to stick to a set of guidelines:

  1. We blog for fun: we blog only because we enjoy sharing our knowledge with our readers.
  2. We blog with an independent voice: there are enough official Microsoft blogs out there already, why read another one that has passed through their PR department?
  3. We try to post first: sure it’s not always possible to have the best stories first, but we believe that constantly recycling news wastes your time as well as ours. Besides, being first is the fun part (see #1).
  4. We do not break NDA: despite whatever impression you get from our posts. Ruffling some PR feathers, now that’s another story.
  5. We won’t give release dates: but we’ll try to be as specific as possible. Dealing with web services means an update can be delayed very easily.
  6. We will make mistakes: this is a fact of life. We make every effort to ensure our information is correct at the time of posting (see #3) but we don’t work for Microsoft.
  7. We will blog anything and everything: including the super-secret project you are working on. That said, we take great care to make sure that anything we do post is in the public interest, and does not give Microsoft’s competitors an unfair advantage. It’s a hard balancing act.
  8. We expect Softies to blog: especially if the existence of your pre-beta product is already known. If you don’t blog your product, expect us to do it for you. But if you do, we will try to actively support your team’s blog.”

LiveSide was…

LiveSide Emeritus

  • Chris Overd
  • Harrison Hoffman
  • Matthew Weyer
  • Kip Kniskern (Kip [at] LiveSide [dot] net)
  • John Hsu
  • Chris Poirier
  • Yan Zhu
  • Scott Lovegrove
  • Colin Brown
  • John O’Brien
  • Chris Weeink
  • Cornelia Koopmans
  • Michael Gillett
  • Donavon West
  • Ryan Rea
  • Gregor Herdmann

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updated November 28th, 2014

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