Photo Gallery

Q: Photo Gallery is taking up too much CPU or memory on my system. What’s happening?
When you first upgrade to Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011, and you have many existing photos in your library, Photo Gallery will attempt to scan all of your photos and recognise any faces it has based on its algorithms. This facial recognition process happens in the background, and as such, may take up quite a large portion of your CPU usage while it’s running. This situation will improve as Photo Gallery completes the facial recognition process for all the photos in your library.

Q: How do I remove or exclude a folder from Windows Live Photo Gallery?
Depending on the scenario you’re trying to achieve:

  1. Remove a top-level folder from Photo Gallery
    Start Photo Gallery in it’s default photo view. Complete the following steps:
    i) In the left navigation pane under All photos and videos, right-click on Pictures and select Manage Pictures library…
    ii) Select one of the top-level folders shown and select Remove, then OK
  2. Show me only the contents of a particular folder
    While you can’t (directly) remove a subfolder from scope, you can show only of the contents of a top-level folder or an intermediate folder by:
    i) In the left navigation pane, find the folder you want to examine
    ii) Right-click on that folder and choose Select without subfolders
  3. Remove a particular subfolder from Photo Gallery
    Sometimes you want to organize your photos by having subfolders, but you don’t want specific subfolders to appear. Because the left navigation pane shows you your file system contents, you need to mark a folder as hidden to hide it. To do this:
    i) Find the folder you want to hide in Windows Explorer
    ii) Right-click on the folder and select Properties
    iii) Select Hidden from the options at the bottom of the dialog. This will cause this directory to be hidden from Windows Explorer (and Photo Gallery).
October 2nd, 2010 at 4:08 am